Head Space Coaching


 We have a "Gap" between how we think we look, and what we think the rest of the world expects us to look like, and a "Gap" between who we feel we are, as opposed to who we believe the rest of the world expects us to be. 

 The aim of Head Space Coaching is to close this Gap. 

How It Works

By merging photography and human behavioural sciences like physiology, psychology and mindfulness training, Head Space coaching teaches each person to see themselves for who they are, and to overcome the day to day fears holding us back.

 Everyone likes candid photographs of themselves, those off the cuff images where the photographer caught us in a genuine moment, yet when we stand ready for an image, the same magic is missing.

 John opens each session with a presentation, opening the minds of groups to how the human brain works, how we read each other and most importantly how this translates to what we see in photographs. 

Then It's Photograph Time!

 This is where John coaches each team member to look beyond that one intrusive facial feature we feel makes us feel uncomfortable, to create genuine, reactive expressions based on trust

 The practice is designed to teach people not only to see themselves through the loving eyes of friends and family, but to face fears, step beyond comfort zones and seek substance over superficial.

 All this, while bringing teams together, facing the trauma of having photographs taken, overcoming the negative anticipation and experiencing the support and validation from friends that they look amazing in their final images. 

John Murray Headshots

is a proud PepsPartner providing mindset training to clients of PepTalk