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About John

Widely regarded as Irelands leading headshot photographer and trained by the worlds leading headshot photographer Peter Hurley, John is not only an award winning portrait photographer and speaker specialising in Headshots and self awareness education, he is also director of individual development for Junior Chamber International.

With emphasis on the substance of his clients rather than the superficial, his focus is drawing out the personalities
and inner strengths of each person he photographs, giving a sense of who they are to anyone looking on. 

Identified as one of his biggest strengths, educating others has always been something John has enjoyed, from teaching while a brand ambassador for Canon, to helping clients understand their stress triggers and the things that are holding them back. With this in mind, John certified in Cognitive Behavioural Therapy and as a Mindfulness Master Practitioner in 2018 under Kain Ramsey

Not solely a photographer, John is a speaker and self awareness educator who is currently writing for dolled up.ie, partnered with Women's Inspire Network and HMCA Ireland and is a proud PepsPartner to workplace wellbeing platform Peptalk HQ

In 2017 John Murray Headshots was named as a supplier to, and part of Google's Supplier Diversity Program. 

From working with huge brands like Linkedin, Google and Bank of Ireland to shooting individuals, actors and models, John's unique approach has proven to bring out the best in everyone he shoots.

Isn't it time he brought out the best in you?

How you walk in the skin you wear is your decision. Why not embrace it? What other choice do you have?

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. How long does it take?
      We have sessions starting at One Hour up to full days of over eight hours. 

2. I just want one photo. Can I come in for that?
      It would be socially irresponsible for us to shoot single images. Most of us as humans have a social anxiety when it comes to being photographed so, we do not offer a walk in, walk out service. The hour is worth it! 

3. How much does it cost? 
      We have packages suiting all budgets and requirements. Prices start at €195 and go from there. 

4. What should I wear?
      Clothing is important for your headshot session. For acting or creative headshots, You should bring a range of clothing. From your blacks to shirts and blouses. For corporate or professional headshots. You should dress as if you were going to a business meeting or an interview. No matter what the headshots are for, you should always only bring clothing you are comfortable in, and feel great in. The look should not compete but rather compliment your personality and expressions. 

5. What about hair & makeup?
       For your headshot, we do our best to bring out what is on the inside. That should not be masked by heavy makeup or a distracting hairstyle. We would always advise you come in with it as you would have it for an interview or audition. Again, the makeup should compliment you. Not compete with you. 
For men. John generally insists men are makeup free. We do have Peter Thomas Roth and MAC anti shine Gels on hand because the lights are strong. 

      We don't usually have hair & makeup on site. It can be arranged at your request. We use a number of Industry professionals who work freelance on work like “Game of Thrones”, RTE & TV3.

6. Glasses! On or Off?
       If you wear glasses day to day. We would suggest bringing them. Some glasses don't have anti glare so we would suggest bringing a set of frames you like with the glass removed. We have some frames in studio but if you have a specific pair. We would recommend having your optician remove the glass for you and put it back again later.

7. Are you good with photoshop?
       If you want the plastic or filtered headshot look, we are not the studio for you. John insists we show you what the people who love you see. Our retouchers are based in the USA and are some of the best in the industry. John allows for the removal of transient marks like spots, stray hairs and redness.

8. When should I have headshots done?
       We suggest you have headshots done every year to eighteen months to keep them current. We are all human and things change. Your priorities for headshots might have changed, you might have gained or lost weight or grown your hair or beard. Current is better than explaining why you don't look like the person in the photograph to an interviewer or casting agent. 

9. Any other tips?
  Tip One:    Of course we want to work with you. The most important thing in selecting a headshot photographer is liking them and their work. Remember you have to spend time with this person and trust them enough to show them the real you. So look around. Visit other photographers websites in your area and make sure to choose the style that suits you best.  
  Tip Two: For hair. We recommend you come in half way between hair cuts. That way you get more time and range from the lenght. We do say don't get your hair cut closer than 3 days before. 

If you have any other questions or just want to book your session please contact us here.