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What a Blank Linkedin Profile Says About You!

What a Blank Linkedin Profile Says About You!

Job seekers often hear that they should be on LinkedIn to improve their chances of landing a new position. However, joining just to say you’re on it isn’t going to get you that dream job. In fact, an empty or blank LinkedIn profile could actually cause damage.

Missing or Bad Photo

According to Business Insider, LinkedIn profiles with a photo are seven times more likely to be viewed than ones without an uploaded photo. A quality image puts a face on your brand—projecting credibility, helping with memorability, and enabling viewers to start envisioning you in their work environment.

Incomplete Information

Think of LinkedIn as an online resume, and treat it with the same respect. You wouldn’t dream of sending a potential employer sloppy material with critical elements missing, so why present yourself in anything but the best possible light on a popular social media platform?

Lack of “Non-Essential” Sections

It’s tempting to neglect certain categories on the profile, figuring potential employers aren’t interested in them. However, offering more than basic background info can spark connections with readers and present a more complete picture of who you are and what you bring to the table.

“If you have a strong secondary hobby that may have business applications, LinkedIn is the place to post this,” Oliver says. “For example, I write career books, but I also do a lot of volunteer work. The ‘Volunteer’ section of the profile allows me to show strengths other than writing. This helps me show a more rounded profile. Another spot which accomplishes that is the area called ‘Organizations.’ If someone sits on a board, this may be a good area for her to fill out the information.”

No Testimonials

Finally, leave this area blank and run the risk of employers wondering if you couldn’t find anyone to say good things about you. Positive statements from others are a subtle way to toot your own horn and add substance to what the rest of your profile is trying to convey—you’re a great person to hire!

Tips with thanks to Tracey Carroll, Recruitment Specialist.  FlexJobs