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10 Reasons your team needs headshots

The Top 10 Reasons Your Team Needs Headshots:


1. A great headshot shows you are invested

They say a picture speaks a thousand words, and they'd be right. Having a professional headshot, shows not only that you are invested in yourself, it shows you will be invested in your clients.

2. A great headshot makes connections

Science shows we form opinions of the people we meet in the first 0.9 seconds. There are 1.8 Billion photographs uploaded to the internet daily. Almost all of the images we see have become nothing more than social media noise. Make people connect by having a stand out image

3. Your headshot tells your story

Over 70% of all human communication is based on body language and facial expression. Your headshot is the first time someone meets you. It should tell them everything they need to know, without you ever speaking a word.

4. The team building event

I regularly shoot for large clients. Shooting upwards of 50 or 60 team members. Taking something that by it's very nature creates fear, turning it into a fun social experience and creating an environment where staff are sharing tips and compliments over each others images.

5. Team headshots show consistency

When your customers look at your team headshots or about us page, what do they see? Do they see cohesive, uniform headshots that show consistency in your brand?, or do they see a mix and match of images that subconsciously communicate inconsistency in standards? Can you afford to not have it done?

6. Team Headshots = Social Media Content

Nowadays branding is much more than a logo. We see faces like Mark Zuckerberg or Elon Musk. We instantly associate it with their brands. We look beyond the walls and see brands from the inside out. Most companies have social media. Headshots are a great way to share your staff stories and success with your clients and followers with strong, consistent imagery.

7. Team headshots, build bonds

Okay, so having your headshot can be stressful. After all we are pointing a camera at the gap between how you feel you look, and what you think the rest of the world expects. Having team headshots done creates conversation, improved morale, social interactions, compliments which increase dopamine releases from validation (similar to getting Facebook likes or Retweets) and opens your staff up to taking more calculated risks and challenges. 

8. Uniformity, Uniformity, Uniformity.

For centuries uniformity has been used by the military, police, medical professionals and fire and rescue services to show consistency and gain trust. Children wear school uniforms to show them they come from something bigger than themselves. Having uniform headshots, not only shows staff they belong to something bigger. It shows your clients they are buying into something strong, consistent and trust worthy.

9. Ease of repetition 

A business is very much a life form. It will grow when nurtured, staff will come and go. Having headshots professionally shot means it is easy to shoot new faces as they come through the doors, seamlessly adding them to your online presence without the need to shoot the whole team again or compromise the brand image with poor quality or inconsistent imagery.

10. Stand Out!

Again, 1.8 BILLION Images on the internet daily. Most of it fodder. Your image needs to make you stand out. It needs to draw attention and make people sit up and look. People buy from people. We all know this. Isn't it time we acted on it. 

How you walk in the skin you wear is your decision. Why not embrace it? What other choice do you have. 

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