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Where do you come from?

Where do you come from?

Where is it you come from?
Does geography have anything to do with that place within ourselves that creates what we put out to the world?

I have shot headshots with Eric Lalor a few times now and am always struck by his openness, his willingness to leave it all on the table and show who he is and that place within himself that he comes from.

Maybe, being a standup comic has given him the freedom to open those doors, desensitisation and an openness to self deprecation. 

Maybe as an actor he has learned skills to search within himself to find that place in order to portray the harsher side of Cathal Spillane in the RTE soap Fair City. 

We all need to take a leap of faith like Eric did over 7 years ago to follow his dream without regret. 

You can see Erics interview with Online Youth Mental Health Service ReachOut below. 

You can follow Eric on Social Media. On Twitter  his articles on

How you walk in the skin you wear is your decision.
Why not embrace it?
What other choice do you have?