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Anton Stephans

Anton Stephans. Being Awesome

Often for my little rants, I find inspiration in the strangest of places. 

Sometimes in my own day to day life, where I can relate the behaviours of people around me to what I have learned since training under Peter Hurley. 

Last night, I was very fortunate to watch somebody stand up and talk to the masses. Take back and fight for his own individuality and say this is me. This is what i look like and thats not just okay, it's AWESOME!

Anton Stephans is a contestant on this years XFactor UK. He was a backing singer for many superstars over the years and now is taking his time to shine. 

In the beginning of this clip, he says. "It was good for a while being in the dark. It's nice to come into the light" a sentence he finishes with the words, "For Me". He is taking ownership of his moment and he knows why.

He then has a bit of banter with Simon about Botox after Simon talks about the faces he pulls when he sings. A little uncalled for, but he handles it well. Note the void of quotes here. You can watch it for yourself in the video below. 

He does talk about what becomes the norm, Botox being the norm. So faces not Botoxed look odd. 


After his amazing audition, Rita Ora talks very passionately and excitedly about him. 

She says: "Anton, you've always been in someone else's shadow your whole life. I feel like it's your time. 

YEAH you might have crazy faces and YEAH you may have crazy eyeballs, but they're YOUR eyeballs and YOUR faces and thats what makes it awesome!" 

How great must it have felt for him to receive that validation. 

After another comment from Simon. Anton makes a speech i will remember as long as I live. One I will quote time and time again. 

"I have spent my whole life trying to be somebody else, trying to be somebody elses' puppet.I can't be that, but I can work, I can change.

What you call crazy, I call passion. What you call crazy, I call determination & wantingness. I want you to believe in me.



Is it time You believed in You?