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Personal Marketing

As humans, we are preconditioned to use images and shapes to understand, this has formed the basis of language.

From cave paintings to modern day language, shapes form what we recognise as words.

For many years, businesses have used logos to form their branding, McDonalds, Nike, Mercedes and Apple amongst others, have used simple shapes, to bring instant brand recognition to millions.

With the effective globalisation of social media, we now look beyond the logo, through the doors and walls of companies to see who is on the inside, who is at the desks and running the departments. 

Faces like Mark Zuckerberg, Steve Jobs and Richard Branson are instantly recognised as being the faces of their brands. So what does this mean for you and I. 

We under our own steam have created our own profiles, our own brands and our logo, is our face. What does yours say about you?

For many years, Models, Actors and Corporate CEOs, have used their headshot as a marketing tool. A way to show who is on the inside. Now, with the ever more present application of social media, HR managers and prospective clients are admitting, they have Googled or Facebook searched prospective employees or business associates prior to meetings.

As a Photographer, I too, have searched for clients before meetings to obtain information, to assess what it is I will be working with. 

So what does your Profile photograph say about you. Does it show you are confident, hard working and professional? or, does it show your Cat, Dog or you drunk dancing on a table at a party?

5 Tips for your headshot:

1. Be approachable. Make sure the shot you use, shows that you are confident, yet approachable.

2. Hair and Facial Hair: Look how you will half way between a fresh haircut and the longest it is. With Facial Hair, If you are an actor, model or creative, it is okay to come in with stubble and if needed shave through the shoot. 

3. Clothing: Your headshot should only contain from the top of your head down to your collarbones, You should use solid colours without heavy checks or patterns.

4. Retouching: Your headshot needs to look like you. There is nothing worse for a casting director or an interviewer than meeting someone who looks nothing like their image. The only thing that should be removed or retouched is transitory blemishes. 

5. Selfies don't count! Your headshot should be professionally shot, with good lighting.