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Social Conformity

Social Conformity

Do you do it? Do you change your behaviour just to fit in?

With most of what i do based on human behaviour, it is not uncommon for clients and friends to send me on links and videos relating to the subjects I talk about. 

Social Learning or Social Conformity is following what others do and self rewarding you with Dopamine (Happy Hormone) for doing it. 

From the time we are babies, we learn by seeing and hearing. We learn to walk, talk eat and behave by watching others. We learn local habits and learn to speak with local terminology and accent. 

Now with the Internet and Social Media, we have changed how and where we learn. We no longer solely rely on our own communities to learn, we are learning from and idealising actors and reality TV stars. 

Have you bought something because you saw someone use it on TV or in a magazine? Grew a beard and top knot because Conor McGregor had one. 

Have you had Botox done because that is what feels like the right thing to do?

This video is a valuable lesson in Social Conformity. It is something we all subscribe to but don't know why.

Your job on this earth is not to be like anyone else. It is to be as great at being you, as they are at being them. 

How you walk in the skin you wear is your decision. Why not embrace it? What other choice do you have?