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Taste of The High Life without the cost

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So you work 40+ hours a week, get paid and watch it all vanish on bills and responsibilities. A little disheartening when you think of the reality. So many of us worry about spoiling ourselves, the sheer selfishness of going out for a fancy meal. 

The being caught to go shopping at the weekend and searching the city centre for something edible that won't break the bank and make you want to miss weight watchers or slimming world next week to hide your indiscretions. 

You certainly judging by the prices in Temple Bar and having any sense go anywhere near. That is until you walk down Crow Street. 

When we think of restaurants or entertainment in Dublin City Centre we get very caught up in the preconceived notions it's expensive and conceited. If it's good, it's for special occasions and if it's cheap it's not great.

How about having the best of both worlds. 

This afternoon in the sun we took a trip down to pool beg lighthouse. One of the to do things for Dublin people on a sunny day. Followed by some lunch in Avenue by Nick Munier. (click either of the pictures to go to

With set menus for lunch 1 Course €9.95, 2 Course €13.95 or 3 Course €17.95 and a 3 Course Kids Menu for €12.50. You seriously cannot go wrong. Eating in a Michelin recommended restaurant that is stylish and comfortable with great food without paying over the odds. A welcome change. 

The first thing that strikes you coming in is the style, the huge artworks on the walls created by Nick Munier himself and the crispness of the place. A far cry from what you expect in the Temple Bar area. 
The next thing you notice is how friendly and attentive the staff are, non pretentious and give you plenty of space to enjoy your meal and drinks in private, but at the same time ready to make sure your feel like you have your own personal butlers. 

The food, as you would expect in a Michelin recommended restaurant was fantastic. The French Onion Soup, Served with Gruyère Crouton and Sour Dough Bread and butter was like silk. Absolutely fantastic. 

The Mains, I had Buttered Poached Hake, White Bean and Chorizo Cassoulet, Roast Pepper Puree, Basil Oil. As a fish lover it was the only choice for me. Beautiful flakey fish, with clams in shell around the edges for garnish, the cassoulet and roast pepper puree giving the whole thing a smokey kind of smell as you eat. Amazing. 

Vivienne had the Soya Marinated Chicken, Asparagus, Broad Beans, Peas, Chestnut Mushroom Jus, Balsamic Reduction and raved about the moistness of the chicken and how the mushroom jus stayed with you. 

Deserts, Why not. While treating ones self. We both had the Cinnamon Shortbread, Mascarpone, Mango Mousse, Mango Coulis and Basil followed by Espresso coffees. I even ate the basil leaves. Sceptical at first about basil leaves but it made sense. 

No matter what I write or how I rant and rave about how great it was, it will never give the sense of being there. The amazing smells, the looks on peoples faces as they see Nick Munier walking around, meeting them and chatting with them with seamless charm.
The respect and attention paid to each person at each table by the staff and the warmth. This overwhelming sense of welcoming into their own little secret in the heart of the city. 

Judgement. I know we loved it. I think everyone should taste the high life without having to worry about the cost. With places like this in the city there is really no excuse for McDonalds and Chicken Fillet Rolls. 

Avenue by Nick Munier is located at 1/1A Crow Street (Just off Dame Street) Dublin 2., (01) 6455 102