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Heroes Don't Wear Capes

Heroes Don't Wear Capes

So tonight I was sent this on twitter by Train Ability founder Angela C O'Connor with the message 

" sometimes you need to look back to remind yourself, how far you have come 🎗"

This is Lucy. At the time of shooting this Lucy was just 8 years of age and had already done more for others in those few years than most of us do for others our whole lives. 

Not only did she raise Tens of Thousands for charity by selling wrist bands. Not long after this she & her family fought, and changed the way the HSE issue GP visit cards to children with long term illness. Coupled with her amazing parents. Lorcan and of course Angela, Who's company provides invaluable training and education to companies on how to be disability aware.  

We get lost in the monotony of our daily lives. For most we get up and rush around, to sit in traffic or squash onto public transport. To walk silent and alone in crowds of thousands, to be unremarkable for the day. Then go back into the grey cloud of earphones and mobile phones back home. To do it all again the next day. 

You don't have to wear a cape to be a hero, you just need to glow from the inside out. 

For anyone helping their children through a cancer story. Angela writes a blog that will not only inspire but show you, you are not alone. You can get to the blog by clicking here. 

Go make a difference. Be Brave, Be Proactive.
Be like Lucy.

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