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Dating Photos. Get The Right Swipe

Dating Photos. Get The Right Swipe

There seems to be a common thread in headshot sessions with single clients. The conversation usually starts with them saying something like "Do you think it is okay to use these for a dating profile?" or while looking at the images laughing at one that shows a bit more life, dropping in, "That is SO a Tinder image, what do you think?"

It relates to images and how people view them so I always bite and end up in deep conversation about it. So much so I have gone and done a little research and asked around about peoples pet hates. 

I am gonna get it out there early in the don'ts and just say it. BOYS! Pelfies. NO!

So the things that work and the things that don't work. The do's and the don'ts. 


 The Group shot: Don't try hide in groups of people. The general consensus among everyone I have asked is that this tops the list. If they don't know which person you are. They won't be interested. 

The Holiday Image: Don't start off with a holiday image of you, in the distance somewhere interesting. While it is okay to have them in there somewhere. You can write I am interested in travel within the blurb instead of just throwing out photographs. 

Snapchat Images: There seems to be more contempt and frustration at this one than others. Images of you with grandparents or pets that have a text banner across the front saying "Love this one" or "BAE" would appear to be more of an irritant than attractive. 

Snapchat filters also seem to be a big Nope! Personally I can't count the amount of women I have gone on a date with who arrived with a puppy nose and their tongue hanging out. Or a crown of flowers around their head being encircled by tweeting birds. 

The Ex (Scratched out): I don't think this one needs explanation. Dating, searching the world for your new love, while holding onto your former love is not a good way to go. Maybe you are secretly hoping your old flame is on the same app as you. Maybe you are hoping they will see it and know you haven't given up hope. Ross and Rachael happened. Why can't you!

Colouring in the face of your friends or ex in photos also seems to be a bad move. It adds a question mark over the company you keep. So again this looks like a be alone in photographs. 

Duck Lips: The trout pout, duck lips or face like a cats arse. This seems to be one of the main don'ts in life. Not just dating photographs. It was #1 in my article on Selfies for The Sun Just don't do it. 

The Party Photo: You, emaciated, on the verge of coma. You know you are good fun. You can show it on the first date. Just maybe not this much fun. 


Be Natural: This is always the best option. No matter what photograph you are in, be natural. We all like candid photographs of ourselves. The ones where we didn't know the picture was being taken. This is because the expression is natural and we trust it. So when you share your images with prospective partners. Make sure it shows that you. 

That is it. Be natural. Don't try pose. Don't try to be funny, or witty or even show your inner hero. 

Who you are is good enough. 

How you walk in the skin you wear is your decision. Why not embrace it? What other choice do you have?

Input from , Facebook Group Irish Bloggers, Twitter and Members of Headshot Crew.