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Do you ever think why bother?

Do You Ever Think, Why Bother?

Sometimes we can get so disheartened trying to help others. Why bother? Fighting other peoples corners who are just so negative and shoot others down.

Over the past 10 years my photographic career has had many twists and turns.  Over the past 4 years it had become more focused on what I love. The human face, and over the past 12 months has become laser focused on the psyche and how that reflects both internally and externally. 

One thing that happened over the past 12 months was, I got a pain in my arse chasing people who were of false or plastic disposition. People out for themselves and always on the take. 

I learned a valuable lesson in just giving them enough to empower them to make their own decisions.  Then things turned. I started to find time for my own psyche, being mindful and grateful for my own path. 

Thanks to people like Ann Smyth Olivia Hurley Michelle Fogarty Paul Daly and PepTalk Wellbeing. My thoughts and feelings in this area became validated. 

More often than not in our society, the efforts we make for others are under appreciated, go un-noticed or are swallowed by their negativity. 

Sometimes. Magic Happens. 

Who Helped you?