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Manchester Attack

Manchester Attack: Fighting Hate

Today the world wakes with a sombre stillness. The news reporting an attack on innocence. The killing of children and their parents at Manchester Arena following the Ariana Grande Concert. The senseless murder of so many in the name of any cause, nothing more than cowardly. 

Fighting Hate

In the wake of the attack, so many opened their doors as refuge, people bringing anonymous strangers into their homes for shelter and warmth in their times of need. Regardless of colour, religion or creed. People, helping people. This is how we beat hate. 

We beat hate by refusing to acknowledge difference. We beat hate by refusing to use labels. 
Don't call me white, I won't call you black, Don't call me straight, I won't call you gay. Don't call me Catholic, I won't call you Muslim, protestant or Hindi. 

In killing labels we kill hate. We individually need to take steps to stop ourselves acknowledging difference. We pass this on through generations to our children and theirs. Spread love, selflessness and kindness.  

My thoughts are with you all Manchester.