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Come out of the shadows & own it

Come Out of The Shadows & Own It!

We spend so much of our life floating along. Not doing anything or taking chances that make people sit up and listen. We can be every level of sensational but never be heard.

Meet Anton. I have shared the full second video before in another post because it is about owning it. Standing up for your own individuality taking life by the horns and saying I am me and that is good enough. 

Anton was a backing singer for people like Aretha Franklin, big names with big bold voices. The people who attract every pair of eyes when they enter a room and every ear as they speak. Anton lived in the shadows. Supplementing the greatness of others to let them shine. 

Until the moment he took to the X Factor stage in the first video. It starts just as he enters the stage and tells why he wants to step forward into the light and be happy being him.

The second video starts when Rita Ora acknowledges Anton Individuality. Validating something nobody should require validation for. His appearance. 

It ends with Simon's critique, again drawing attention to Anton's expressions. Until Anton stands proud and takes ownership. "I Believe in me"

Maybe it's time we all reflect a bit on who we are, what makes us and to show what is waiting to flourish within us. 

How you walk in the skin you wear is your decision. Why not embrace it? What other choice do you have?