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I Make People Cry For A Living And I Love It!

I Make People Cry For A Living And I Love It!


As a headshot photographer, I stand 5 feet from my clients searching for genuine emotion. So when they cry with happiness or stress.
They are being true. Hiding behind nothing and showing fragility.

As humans we have three brains evolutionarily speaking. 
- The Neocortex (The Walnut part - Thinking brain)
- The Limbic Brain (Lemon shaped - Emotional centre)
- Cerebellum (Reptillian Brain - Runs breathing, balance & survival)

When we are under stress, the neocortex cannot see the cause, nor can it differentiate between a lion snarling at you or my camera. 

Stress is stress and the brain and body respond in the same way. 
We know this as the "Fight or Flight Reaction."

But, my camera and I don't cause a risk to life. So they have to stay, and barring slapping me, they can't fight either.  

Some cry, with the anxiety of facing something that is sure to show them the things they don't like about themselves. 

Some cancel before they get to the studio, One client cancelled 6 times and even walked away from the studio door in that time due to stress. 

In facing their fears, they overcome such a trivial yet so powerful task as having a photograph taken.

Have you ever backed away from doing something seemingly trivial because of fear?

Is there something you wish you could do?

How you walk in the skin you wear is your decision. Why not embrace it? What other choice do you have?