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Don't breach clients trust!!

Never use clients private information for personal gain

I wouldn't be one to rant for nothing, and as a business owner I am very conscious of privacy with peoples emails. 

Last week I got an email the private email of the owner of a business with a fairly substantial online presence. Asking me to vote for him to win a car. Needless to say, I didn't vote. For a start, he had taken my email address from his companies online database to ask me to do something for him to win a car. Secondly, this is just not cool. 

So this morning, I get an email from Nissan, Thanking me for my vote. Shocked to say the least I investigated to find that he had been using my email address, and god knows how many others to vote for himself. 

Ever one to give a man a chance, I emailed him, on both his company and private emails asking for an explanation. His excuse. He assumed he could do it and Nissan told him he could. 

Just a quick note - anyone who votes for me here (Nissan Generation Next's competition to win a free car - takes two seconds) and then emails me back with the email they used, after confirming the vote, will be in with a chance to win some Positivity Packs.
The reason for this is I'd be putting in your email to vote each day (They said you're allowed do this with permission).
Stay happy,

Lets dissect. In the beginning, he states anyone who votes for him will go into a draw to win some free positivity packs. (Don't order on the 23rd of the month. He only ships on the 22nd and it will take 5 weeks to arrive, from Ireland) Then goes on to say that he will be entering your email address in every day to enter. 

Dont use clients information for personal gains people. It's just plain wrong