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Are You Taking the P*ss

Are You Taking the P*ss

As many of you reading will appreciate, as business owners brand image is almost everything. From day one, you plan and worry about how things look on the business and how to give the business the best public image. 

Another big worry is revenue. Marketing and finding fresh new business is also something we worry about. Doing everything we can to build trust in order to draw in business. 

So.... We all get marketing mail through the door. (Junk Mail) Some companies have the cash flow to employ professional companies like An Post AdMailer or City Post. Companies with less opting to post the flyers themselves. (Hey, get the kids involved. Two birds one stone).

Today, in our small estate of only fifty houses we had two men in a jeep posting advertising flyers for a local business. (I won't name and shame).
After working their way around the estate, talking to residents along the way, one of the men was, caught short! (For those not from Ireland, Caught short means he needed to urinate). 

So onto the small green space in the estate where the kids play he went. Unzipped and rather unceremoniously watered the plants. In an estate where 60% of the houses have young families. 

Seriously people. Don't post things through doors with hands you wouldn't hold your kids with. 

This isn't the first time either. Recently a family member of ours in another even smaller estate in the area had issues with a door to door sales person urinating on the wall of her house. Only to be seen by her 5 year old daughter. 

Put a plan in place people. Tell your staff or representatives to either go to a pub, a restaurant or knock on a door and ask for the mercy of a resident. 

Don't take the piss!! It's not worth having your name on a list.