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Don't Fuck With Your Face FuckFace

Don't Fuck With Your Face FUCKFACE

Inspired by a conversation with Avenue by Nick Munier Manager Alanah Feeney, This year I am putting together a project called Don't Fuck with your face fuckface. 

The title may seem a bit bold and a bit brash, but maybe that's is what it needs. 

We were all born a mosaic of the people who came before us. You might have your mothers eyes, your fathers nose and your grand mothers ears. 

We tell children constantly, "It's what's on the inside that counts" only to forget it applies to us too. 

With the constant barrage of advertisements, overly retouched images promoting unobtainable levels of perfection. Even for those in the photographs, we seem to be losing our sense of self. Being told it is not good enough being you. 

More and more the cosmetic alteration services advertised on radio, TV and in beauty magazines are winning over men and women as young as their early teens. Telling them that they need to have bigger lips, stronger more pronounced cheek bones and better structure to their faces, Smaller waists, bigger chests and bums. 

Socially Irresponsible advertising, money spinning greed. Telling children and anyone who will listen. Being you is not okay. Looking like the people who raised you is not good enough. 

I aim to photograph 50 people. Some natural who are thinking of having cosmetic work done, some who have had it done and who are happy with it, and some who have had it done and regret it. Each person will be photographed the way I photograph all of my other clients, focusing on what is on the inside before the outside. 

The project will be taken on over the next number of months with a final showing of the work later in the year. 

How you walk in the skin you wear is your decision. Why not embrace it? What other choice do you have?

Anyone interest i would ask to contact me with some information about yourself and your journey.