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Ireland My Ireland

Ireland My Ireland

Sure you have your faults and flaws, who doesn't. You have your trials and tribulations. Anger and hate. But Ireland your charm is something to behold. 

We are a nation of celebrators not celebrities. Sharing our pride in our countrymen and women should they win or not. All the while not letting them get too ahead of themselves with a gentle begrudgery.

We are a nation of mild. From the weather never being too hot, or too cold. The sun never lasting too long and even the big snows only lasting for a few days. We have this magical ability to get fed up with the change at hyper speed. Yet still muster up enough tolerance to holiday in Spain for two weeks, only complaining it wasn't long enough when we come home. 

We brush over some of the worst aspects of life and history with fleeting regard. The famine in the 1840's killed over a million souls. We refer to it simply as "The Hunger". People with mental health issues simply "Suffer with their nerves".

Nothing though prepares visitors for your splendour. 

From your glorious golden sunsets.

To your ever changing landscape of spectacular colour tones. The greenest of greens and bluest of blues. Something we only as locals appreciate on an unusually beautiful day or when we entertain guests from abroad. 

Where else in the world can you randomly meet the President for a chat while out walking your parrot in the sun. Or get photo bombed by him walking his dogs. 

For everything the land gives us, the people are where Ireland truly shines. 

From the Irish soccer fans who cleaned up after themselves, changed car tyres and brought so much good feeling to France in such a difficult time, to bus driver Christy Carey who despite language barrier made the people of Kathmandu along with everyone in Ireland fall in love with him. 

Ireland is like your childhood. We do a lot of moaning about it when we are too close or living it. The older you get the better your childhood gets. Just like our amazing country.