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Be Kind To Yourself

Be Kind To Yourself, Your Kids are listening

As humans in a western world, we grow up in fault based societies, Thought to seek out our imperfections in order to improve on them. 

When we are very young. We are limitless. Ask a group of four year old kids who the strongest, or fastest in the group is, every hand will go up. Ask again when they are seven and the magic of their unbounded inner superhero has all but gone. We, as adults are the only ones to blame. 

I think the cover frame of the video above says it all. Imagine being that girl. No more than 10 years old. Imagine now that she looks like her mother and is repeating in the video what her mother says about her forty something year old face. They have the same nose, by self deprecating her own mother who sees no fault in the child, is telling her that her face is not okay. It is not okay to look like that. 

If you are looking at the outside as a gauge for how great you are as a person. You are looking in the wrong place. Try looking a little deeper. When you find what you are looking for. Share it with the rest of us.  

How you walk in the skin you wear is your decision. Why not embrace it? What other choice you you have?