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Chuck Berry R.I.P

Chuck Berry R.I.P.

Something we don't often think about is the relationship between sound and our own emotions. For years shopping centres have been using music pumped out over the speakers after studies showed people spend more when music is played. There are even studies that show music played to plants can help them grow faster and stronger. 

Think about how music makes you feel and can change your moods. Moments where a song has meant something to you. Made you feel happy when you needed it, or made you cry just when you needed that cathartic boost to bawl. 

Today Chuck Berry died. The man who wrote and performed Roll over Beethoven and Jonnie Be Good amongst many many more. Music that makes you feel full of life. Even if Marty McFly did get some strange looks in Back to the Future for playing it at the high school dance. 

Rest in peace Chuck Berry. Thanks for the lift!