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Music for Concentration.

Some Music to help you concentrate

On a little bit of a run here today with the music theme. Everyone i've shot headshots for knows that music plays a part. I love having music in the background. Usually Guardians of the Galaxy Movie Soundtrack, Grand Theft Auto Vice City Soundtrack or some good old fashioned happy music. 

I have spent the majority of this week writing and working on stuff behind the scenes. Trying to concentrate and write about the inner workings of the human psyche just doesn't work while howling out I-I-I-I'm STUCK ON A FEELIN'!! 

So I went a little deeper. Thankfully Spotify has a menu for this kinda thing. I found a soundtrack called Music for reading. The first song in it was "Time" by Hans Zimmer. The guy who wrote the score for Gladiator and Inception amongst many other Hollywood amazing soundtracks.

If you have 4mins to spare and need to switch off. This is the song for it. With a beautifully cut together video. 

The Full Spotify soundtrack is linked below.