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Beauty in recruitment

Join the team. Provided you're hot!

So many times I have stated "It's what is on the inside that counts. It might sound a bit strange coming from a photographer. Especially someone who specialises in taking photographs of the face. As such, people tend to think of me when they see things like this. 

Twice within a few minutes today this was sent to me. A tweet from a restaurant in Dublin city centre looking to hire staff. This is of course brilliant news in any day and age. Companies growing. Taking on staff. There is a crux though.

Management from this restaurant in Dublin City, stated at the launch of Dine in Dublin, Their front of house staff were "just Legs (women) & Arms (men)". Sexually objectifying young men and women and as it would appear, hiring them based on or, at least swayed by how they look. 

In this tweet they are asking for a CV & a photo. While yes, I often shoot headshots for people applying for jobs. Very rarely do jobs other than Acting or Modelling require an image of the candidate before they apply. 

Are we really at that stage in this day and age, where we are now more focused on what is on the outside? As a society are we really allowed to objectify young men and women to keep the restaurant pretty? Rewarding winners of a genetic lottery who may or may not have the skill level and passion of people who might not be as aesthetically pleasing. 

A very good friend of mine, successful business man who has run multiple award winning businesses in retail and hospitality once told me "Look after your customers and the tills will look after themselves". Focusing on what is important. Making people feel good. 

Reward passion, dedication, hard work and team spirit. Hire people based on hunger for the role. 

Front of house staff in hospitality need to have strong skills, way beyond how they look. 

Legs and Arms. Disgusting!