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Smiling: 3 Exercises To Change Your Day



My hashtag#WednesdayWisdom post this week is about something that makes us feel great. Something I tell clients all the time is that when we see an old friend or win something, our arms go out and up. Our faces and bodies posture in the same way.

Thats why a smile goes out and up! Smiling causes a release of endorphins, happy hormones, so with that in mind.

I have some homework for you all.

1. Hold a pen in your teeth for 60 seconds. This creates the same facial posture and will cause that same endorphin release!

2. Smile at a stranger. Make brief eye contact with somebody you pass today and smile. Smiles are universal in language and give a little bit of kindness and warmth to you and the people you smile at!

3. Smile in the mirror. This one is vital and takes a little more time to feel benefit from long term. We spend our time in the mirror doing tasks and checking stuff. Brushing teeth, cursing or squeezing spots. So smile at yourself. Know what you look like smiling and walk away while still smiling. This will better your relationship with your own self image.

Did any of these work for you?