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Lip Fillers & Primetime TV

Lip Fillers & Primetime TV

Okay so The Journal News Website have run a story, an extension to the advertising Amara cosmetic surgery clinic got on The Late Late Show recently with Amanda Brunker and Makeup artist Martha Ryan. 

People have been asking my opinion on it considering I am working on the Don't Fuck with your face project. 

Fundamentally this all comes down to how we feel within ourselves. Do you feel happy inside. If Ms. Ryan does. To her that is all that matters.

From her article it appears she did all of the necessary research and didn't take the decision lightly. I applaud that. 

The Culture. 
I have explained numerous times in my other posts, why we don't like ourselves in photographs. How we see something different in photos to what we see in the mirror. What we see, differs from what we know to be our true self. Though nobody else sees our flaws, we see them and over exaggerate them. 

The Culture of getting Botox and Fillers. Altering our own appearance to fit in with what we perceive as a sexy & successful lifestyle (Reality TV stars) is wrong. We are too focused on the quick fix. 

Botox in itself can be used to treat medical conditions. Botox is used to combat depression by using injections into facial muscles to paralyse them into a smiling position. This creates a physiological loop releasing Serotonin into the blood stream making the patient feel happy. 

Lip fillers and altering your facial features, as a last resort, when everything else has failed to change your sense of self. I agree with. Try everything else first. The problem is psychological. Understanding what it is and why you feel that way is fundamental. 

Your face was a gift. It is a mosaic of all those who came before you. Those lips you don't like, may be your mothers lips, your eyes your fathers or grandfathers. They kissed you good night and watched you grow into the adult you now are. You didn't have any problem with them when they were reassuring you in times of need, you shouldn't have an issue with them now. You need to learn to see them for what they are. 

Altering your facial features now doesn't change them for the next generation. Do you have kids? Do they have the same features? Think about them. You are telling them it's not good enough to look like them. That how they look is bad and needs altering. 

Your face is unique. It should stay that way. 
Learning to see yourself as others do is something everyone should experience. 

Every face is beautiful. Yours is different to the person beside you, which is different to mine. 

How you walk in the skin you wear is your decision. Why not embrace it? What other choice to you have?